Teamwork in DuckMa: when two heads are better than one

To work to reach a common goal

Being able to work as part of a team is essential here in DuckMa. Whether you are working on a group project or just attending a meeting, you will be a team player. Show respect for others and, in general, be willing to work to reach a common goal. Making teamwork means contributing effectively to ideas, being responsible and assertive, accepting criticism and always giving constructive feedback to other team members.

Teamwork is of great importance within flows and processes in terms of increasing efficiency and productivity. Having a cohesive team gives the opportunity to build trust among colleagues, solve problems quickly and effectively and promotes a greater sense of ownership.

Encourages innovation

Two heads are better than one, and this is true even in the workplace. Teams are better able to make more innovative, creative and even practical solutions to problems than someone that works alone. When ideas come out in a brainstorming session, employees tend to feel more confident about coming up with unique and more out-of-the-box ideas. On the other hand, someone working alone, will usually present a more safer option to their manager.

Create synergy within the members

A strong and unite team is essential for the success of any business, especially during challenging times when team members will help, rely and support each other. This allows them to remain focused on the goal and they can complete projects more efficiently. In other hand, a stressed-out individual with a heavy workload working alone is at risk of becoming nervous and making bad and costly decisions, as well as burning out.

Improve learning and cross-skill

Bringing different information and knowledge to carry from a team that contain up of diverse members can result to more powerful solutions and approaches. When members apply different skills to same problem they can come up with a more useful solution than one person alone working on the same problem.

Improve communication

Communication is key to manage many projects – so why not do an activity that can help enhance your communication skills? Teamwork activities such as meeting together to discuss ideas or collaborating information to contribute to a project require both verbal and written communication skills. Working regularly in this capacity will allow you develop both your own skills as well as those of your teammates. Teamwork also makes easy to open a discussion which allows each team member to be adequately informed about the project. In this respect, when everyone is on the same page this ensures that the project is completed as efficiently as possible. Establishes strong relationships, allows members to build trust and share a strong bond with each other, creating an environment where workers feel more comfortable to communicate freely and openly.

More efficient

When working in a team, you are working towards a common goal and set of objectives (maybe you’re using OKR) so that allows for the workload to be shared equally among the members of the team. With more heads on the project, tasks are completed more efficiently, basically increasing productivity. Members of a team can feel greater sense of accomplishment when they achieve a goal they could not have reached if they had worked by themselves. The team Completes the project with more efficiently than trying to accomplish it individually.

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These are the advantages that we have in DuckMa: working, thinking and managing as an unite team. If you like what you’ve read, and you want to join us, check out the open positions and submit your application!