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There’s stubborn resistance to change in the healthcare industry. But if your clinic, hospital or other medical facility is determined to crush it, you are halfway there. With DuckMa as your healthcare software development company, you can digitalise paperwork-ridden processes, shorten patient pathways and take professional care online – all to help more people and elevate your outcomes.

At DuckMa, we are up for the entire development lifecycle to craft digital solutions for patients and doctors. We can build them as part of your on-premises management system or cloud-based applications in compliance with European medical data security requirements.

Let’s make your clinic or hospital digital!

Health IT solutions for patients

The digital transformation of the medical industry is all about putting the patient first. With over a decade of building our expertise in creating healthcare mobile and web apps, engineering cloud solutions and pairing applications with IoT sensors, we have the innovation and experience to drive a positive change in your patient care.

Our patient-centred healthcare software development services include technology and engineering skills to create:

Health IT solutions for medical professionals

At DuckMa, we recognise the tireless dedication of doctors, nurses and staff. To simplify your demanding days, we can develop digital solutions that take away the hardest part.

Our custom healthcare software development services for medical professionals draw upon DuckMa’s expertise in:

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What Our Healthcare Clients Say

Real success stories in healthcare world

"DuckMa transformed our patient interactions. Their telemedicine solution is a game-changer for our clinic."

Dr. John Smith

Dr. John Smith


“With DuckMa's healthcare software development services, we've seen a 40% increase in patient engagement and a 30% reduction in administrative tasks.”

HealWell Hospital


“DuckMa's body and mind wellness app development exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in healthcare IT solutions is unparalleled.”

MindFit App


Our best projects

Real company supported

Telemedicine app & console

Booking specialist visits, tele-visits, medical record consultation and more, all in one App

Our contribution:
Design thinking workshop to clarify the concept and brainstorming about functionalities
User Experience and User Interface design.
User Flow and User Stories.
Design and implementation of a mobile first Application.
Mockup App SMED
Logo Amiko
Track inhaled medication use

Involves patients in an informed way in their health choices.

Creative thinking path to organize, put ideas in order and decide the feautures.
Crafting the perfect user journey: from the UX and UI design to the most technical part.
Creation of the real mobile app.
Mockup App Amiko
Amiko Srl
Logo Fit is Beauty
Fitness & nutrition mobile app

Tailored fitness and nutrition program that guides clients toward their goals every day

Feasibility analysis to decide how to operate.
Workshop to design the User Flow and the User Stories.
Bringing the ideas to real life with the latest technologies.
Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty
Empowering Human Beings

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Your Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation in Healthcare 

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Scalable and Adaptable Technology to Remain Effective and Relevant for all healthcare stakeholders

Harness cutting-edge technologies keeping you at the forefront of healthcare innovation

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Reliable Development Budget and Timeline

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Propel your startup's growth with DuckMa's innovative solutions, tailored to your unique needs.



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Gain a competitive edge in the market by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology.

Create your tailor-made solution with DuckMa.

Healthcare is deeply personal, and your solutions should reflect this. Place the patient at the centre of your medical services by thinking through the functionality, data security and integrations with our healthcare software development team.

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