Empowering Human Beings.

DuckMa is a company that has been active for over 10 years in the field of creating Innovative Digital Solutions for visionary Entrepreneurs.

Chi Siamo

Thanks to our experience, we have honed our skills in Digital and continue to do so, to guarantee our Customers advanced Software and Applications, accessible to all.

We are proud to have accompanied technological innovation over the years, always offering the best to our customers.

We collaborate with those with a vision, be it a small start-up or a large joint-stock company, to help them take their ideas out into the world and reach millions of people.


Our mission is to be the right hand of visionary Entrepreneurs, providing them with advanced Digital skills to realise tailor-made Digital Solutions, WebApps, Apps and the like.


We live and breathe innovation every day and strive to stay one step ahead in the field of Digital Technologies.

DuckMa Benefit Company.

Through the changes made to the Articles of Association, which were necessary for the change of legal form, in June 2022 we took a concrete step to confirm our commitment to responsibility, sustainability and transparency, combined with the search for a balance between the interest of the Company and the interest of the Community.

Profit Companies exist with the aim of generating profits to be distributed to shareholders, Benefit Companies, on the other hand, respond to a broader business vision: in fact, they integrate in their corporate purpose, in addition to profit, the objective of having a positive impact on society and the planet.

We strive, in addition to generating profit, to develop Digital Projects that aim to benefit the user by creating a technology:


Technology as self-empowerment


Technology seen as an extension of one's mind


Technology must be within everyone's reach

Chi Siamo

We also pursue and develop the well-being of employees, paying attention to work/life balance, starting with providing creative and stimulating workspaces and/or encouraging smart/remote working, including by providing flexibility in work (according to certain defined rules).

A further guarantee of transparency and accountability is the obligation for Benefit Societies to communicate annually and report, according to third-party standards, on their achievements, progress and future commitments, so that these activities can be concretely verified.

Join Us.

Our Method, for it to be applied to the letter, needs "special" people capable of making a change of mindset in the approach to the Project.

We need a Team capable of going further, of identifying alternative solutions to achieve the same end result, of initiative and the ability to relate to Clients.

If you feel you fit these characteristics, send us your application.