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Are you hard-pressed to quell the chaos of supply chains and predict the best time to overhaul your equipment? Digitalisation is your best bet. Bring digital solutions to your factory-floor processes, machinery and procurement with our manufacturing software developers to establish production superiority.

At DuckMa, we know the headwinds that occur on the factory floor and in offices. We create software that helps you get past them and manufacture goods more efficiently.

From manufacturing software development to Industry 4.0

Digitalising factory-floor processes is an ambition of a forward-looking manufacturer. If you are ready to become one, the time is ripe for leaving paperwork out and enabling remote control over the status of your goods and machinery.

With custom manufacturing software development guided by DuckMa’s engineers, you are all set to embrace:

What we can do for you

Software that meets your factory’s needs

Do you produce consumer electronics, farm machinery or industrial robots? Choose DuckMa as your manufacturing software development company to switch from siloed workflows and run-of-the-mill functionality to custom solutions. Considering all your niche’s specifics, we can build a tailored app to optimise your machinery-, employee- and labour-related processes.

What Our Manufacturing Clients Say

Real success stories in the manufacturing world

"DuckMa's IoT solution has revolutionized our manufacturing operations. We now have real-time visibility into our production processes, allowing us to optimize efficiency and reduce downtime significantly."

Antonella Portesi

Antonella Portesi


“We are excited about the Discovery Workshop and the outcome that was produced. We could tell that the DuckMa team was prepared and aligned on our Project.”

Massimo Zanardini

Massimo Zanardini

Project Manager

"We partnered with DuckMa to implement IoT in our manufacturing plant. This decision has led to a 15% increase in overall production output and enhanced our competitive edge."

CEO Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions


Our best projects

Real industries supported

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Machinery monitoring apps

If your goal is to focus on tracking the machine’s status and its parts, our manufacturing app development team is up for the task. We are experienced in building remote control solutions that let you inspect your equipment from anywhere for maintenance. View all the updates or potential inefficiencies in real time and make fast decisions on improving production results.

Our contribution:
Design thinking workshop to clarify the concept and brainstorming functionalities.
Understanding the problem and provide a clear usage to get to the poin.
Improving the overall process of monitoring machines all around the world.
Automazioni Industriali
Automazioni Industriali Mockup
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Employee management apps

Having an all-in-one system for employee management is the most convenient way to evaluate your factory-floor performance and respond to enquiries. When developed for your workflows, it enables you to digitalise notes, automate attendance monitoring processes and schedule shifts on the fly. The result? A better-running manufacturing business!

Our contribution:
Ask to the employee to clarify the concept and provide a solution.
User Experience and User Interface design.
User Flow and User Stories.
Continuous improvement of the tools to satisfy the employee and the employer.
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Labour cost software

Our manufacturing app development team specialises in tailor-made software for the effective and precise calculation of labour costs. Depending on what you produce, what raw materials you source and your total budget, you can estimate your employees’ average gross and net salary, including insurance, taxes, overtime costs and benefits. Doing the numbers doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our contribution:
Understanding of the surveillance process, knowing the why.
Proof of Concept and fine tuning of the prototipe.
Setup of the enviroinment and the remote control of the system.
Zato Srl
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Empowering Human Beings

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Propel your startup's growth with DuckMa's innovative solutions, tailored to your unique needs.



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Gain a competitive edge in the market by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology.

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Running a manufacturing business without technology is a step backwards. Digital solutions can simplify most of what you find inefficient or time-consuming while taking your production forward.

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