Analysis and Development for Corporate Digitisation.

A Method dedicated to Companies.

A way of analysing Needs, proposing Options and building Solutions.

Analysis and Development of Digital Projects.

A Method dedicated to Digital Products.

A way to turn an Idea into a Reality.


Find out how your digital product can be improved with Check-App, our new application analysis service.

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting entrepreneurs and companies who want to make their investment in digital pay off, turn their ideas into Solutions and create successful Digital Products.

IoT / Home Automation

The Internet of Things is a set of technologies that aim to make an object 'smart' through an infrastructure of connections using different protocols depending on the service activated.

We develop IoT solutions to connect any device or instrument and improve business performance.

Mockup App RIB


We provide end-to-end Healthcare IT solutions tailor-made for our customers,

Products that combine patient health and support for healthcare staff.

Mockup App SMED

Finance / Crypto / Web3

For years, the most innovative fintech companies have been betting not on a single product, but on an ecosystem of solutions capable of enriching the portfolio of functionalities, to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

Thanks to Apps, they can propose a complete offer that, through a single entry point, can respond to all the needs of the reference market.

Mockup App Conio

Manufacturing / Industry

Mobile technology can help manufacturers increase productivity and streamline business processes.

Forward-thinking manufacturing companies are already using mobile devices to connect employees to collect, access and share critical production data for continuous improvement.

  • More data and higher quality
  • Faster and deeper data analysis
  • Increased efficiency
  • Experience sharing
Automazioni Industriali Mockup

Mobility / Transportation

The purpose of Home Automation Apps is to optimise consumption and make different control, comfort, security, energy saving and communication functions interact.

Mockup App Artemis - Smart Pool System


A personal trainer at your smartphone's fingertips: the convenience of scheduling your daily physical activity, monitoring your diet and sharing your progress online.

For gyms and fitness centers, having an app to manage and monitor members is an added value to the services offered.

Mockup App Fit is Beauty