App developers: hiring a Mobile App development Company? Here’s what you need!

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

What to know to choose the right company

You may have found that you’re spoiled with choices when searching for a mobile app development company. However, having many choices isn’t always a good thing.

App developers come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s important to evaluate how mobile application development companies fit with your brand, your vision, and your app idea.

I’m about to give you a deeper understanding of what you need to know BEFORE you hire a mobile app development company.

By the time you finish you’ll be much better prepared to approach a development company with the right questions and be able to evaluate whether they’re the one for you.

Understand Their Skill

Depending on the complexity of your app, not every mobile app development company is going to be able to deliver the results you’re after. The technical skill required to develop an app that seamlessly integrates the features and technical components you desire isn’t something that many app developers possess.

That’s why it’s a good idea to dive a little deeper into the development process yourself. Do some research so you’re familiar with the steps of the process and the industry vocabulary.

The more you know, the better you’ll understand the skill of the app development companies you’re contacting.

What Type of Apps Do They Develop?

It’s also important to understand what types of apps a mobile app development company is skilled in developing. You may have an idea for a highly intuitive app that needs to be developed on a native platform to realize its full potential.

  • Do they develop native apps?
  • Do they develop for iOS?
  • Do they develop for Android?

If your potential developer doesn’t regularly do these types of app development, they may not have the skill or experience that you’re after with your app idea. It’s important to have the opportunity to develop for the platform(s) best suited for your app idea, so don’t let a less skilled developer pressure you into developing a hybrid app when you should really be developing on a native platform.

Understand Their Experience

Take a look at some of the apps that your potential mobile app development company has recently created for their clients. Ask them to show you examples of their technical masterpieces, as well as those apps most closely related to your app idea.

Look for the features you want to include in your app and examine how intuitive they are.

  • How well does the app perform in the areas you’re most concerned about?
  • What could be improved?

Ask for References

It’s also a good idea to ask for references from previous clients. Talk to one of their clients who has commissioned an app similar to yours and ask them about their experience working with the company.

  • How was their communication during the development process?
  • Did they experience any problems during/after development?
  • How did the mobile app development company handle those problems?

Get a phone number and have a proper conversation if possible.

It’s important to find an experienced developer because they’ll likely have developed something similar to your app idea and they’ll be better equipped to handle any problems that may arise.

Understand Their Industry Focus

Most developers will have an industry focus, or niche, that they represent. While they may not advertise or display it, it’s important to ask about their focus to understand whether or not they fit with your app idea.

DuckMa Focuses on Startups

For instance, we focus on working with startup companies. We know how to take a brand new idea and bring it to life. We nurture every app idea into a highly functional application. A startup may not be as well served by a company that focuses on existing enterprises. They may not have the know-how to develop from the ground up, so they may miss details that a startup-focused mobile app developer would include in the development process.

Understand Their Mobile App Testing Process

One of the most important things to know about your potential mobile development company is how they go about testing the apps they develop. Applications are complicated, and there are countless problems a user may encounter with a faulty app, so be sure your product will be tested thoroughly before going live.

  • Do they perform beta testing?
  • Are they responsible for catching faulty functionality?
  • Do they develop in a way that meets or exceeds industry standards?

The lasting effects of a premature launch with a faulty app may act as the nail in the coffin for a startup, so take the time to publish a perfect (or nearly perfect) product and you’ll reap the benefits for your diligence.

Understand Their Ongoing Support

An app that is excellent today may be outdated in 6 months time, so be sure you’re working with a mobile development company that will be there for you when the time comes to update yours.

  • Will they be there to help after the app is launched?
  • Will you have the source files to work from?
  • Will they be there to answer questions and troubleshoot problems?

Next Level Support

Get a clear picture of how your developer will be there for you after your app is complete. For example, DuckMa helps your startup hire a mobile app developer and trains them on how to update and work with the app. You should look for a mobile app development company that becomes a true partner to your startup.

Understand Their Payment Terms

Simple apps can be developed for a few thousand dollars, but an exceptionally complicated app can cost many times more. For this reason it’s important to understand your developer’s payment terms.

  • Will you be paying a flat fee?
  • What variables may affect this fee?
  • Will you be paying by the hour?
  • Will there be an hourly limit assigned to the project?
  • What sort of deposit will you need to put down to launch production?

The more you know beforehand, the better. Don’t let your app project soar past its budget and cannibalize your marketing budget or, worse, keep you from finishing development. Know all you can before you begin!

Time to Start Development?

Are you ready to get going? Development seems to be just around the corner.

Be sure you understand just who you’re working with. Evaluate their skill and experience, analyze their testing and support systems, and be aware of your financial investment. The more you know about your mobile app development company, the smoother your development process will be.

Take the time to find the right company and it will all be worth it in the end, when you’re sitting pretty with your perfect final product ready for launch!