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Arriva was founded in Italy in 2002 by the Arriva Group that is to say one of the main operators in the field of mobility in Europe. It manages all transports in the Aosta Valley, as well as in the provinces of Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, Lecco and Cremona. It also offers a transport service for users with disabilities in the municipality of Rome. In its complexity, Arriva manages the transport service of about 90 million km per year. It uses the help of over 2400 vehicles and 3500 employees, making it an excellence in the sector. He has followed a path of constant growth, during which he acquired shares in SAB, SAF, SADEM and SAVDA. No less importantly, it also incorporated SIA and KM, transforming them into a single company. In recent years, it has further expanded its business with the development of a software for internal logistics.

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Mockup App Arriva Kiosk
Mockup App Arriva Kiosk

The Arriva Kiosk App was created to provide concrete support to the company's employees, especially the drivers. In fact, thanks to the Application, the driver at the beginning of each work shift is able to locate the exact seat of the bus he will use for the service.

This is done by placing a card with NFC on the tablet or by manually entering the personal code: the App shows a map of the bus depot identifying the vehicle assigned to the driver with a PIN. This saves about 15 minutes per bus change.

The Challenge.

The holding company allowed the drivers 15 minutes to track down their bus and start to do their job, but needed to make the process more efficient in order to optimize the activity for all employees. That’s why he was looking for a system that would provide a faster solution for everyone and here comes the intervention from us to help them in the goal, with our software for logistics.

The Solution.

Having identified the problem to be solved and the needs of the subjects in question, a logistics app has been developed on a tablet in the warehouse. With the help of NFC technology, the app allows the driver to receive clear and accurate information about the next shift. These include:

  • the means he should have used;
  • the precise location of the vehicle in the warehouse;
  • the recording of the entry stamp.

To access the service, simply bring the employee’s personal card to the tablet. Thanks to the precise location of the buses, Arriva saves more than 80 million minutes of research per year. A simple product that has brought huge advantages! 

Mockup App Arriva Kiosk

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