Amiko S.r.l. was founded in 2015 in London with the aim of ensuring a more intelligent management of the treatment of chronic diseases. 

The design of the Quantified Medicine healthcare software allows to carry out this activity thanks to the constant acquisition and analysis of customer data. 

The company now has over 2000 health workers in its business and offers its service 24/7 allowing anyone to access it and take advantage of its functionality.





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The Challenge.

The goal was to provide a healthcare IT solution that, through data collection, would provide enough information to support healthcare professionals. 

This would allow people to make better choices, as well as make them more aware in managing their physical condition. 

A device was needed to improve the condition of the patients, maintaining direct contact between them and the doctors, to have quick and effective advice to change their situation.

The Solution.

The creation of an app directly connected to the sensors in patients' inhalers, allowed doctors to carefully follow their condition. 

In addition, the flows generated by them were automated and the wireless connection to the smartphone was integrated. 

The healthcare software works in pairs with the sensors, giving the affected patient guidance on when to inhale a dose. 

Finally, the possibility to receive personalized insights and feedback, accompanied by the support of both collected data and artificial intelligence are part of the integrated solution.

Mockup App Amiko

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