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These are some of the major Projects we have created.

Explore the success stories of our Customers and trust us, we are the Technological Partner for your Business.

Mockup App Fit is Beauty
Fit is Beauty
Fit is Beauty is the App designed by a woman for women, especially those over 40. The App allows for a customized 52-week workout path and nutrition education plan tailored to each woman, enabling her to regain fitness and rediscover herself ‘Slender and Tonic’. The DuckMa team has hit the target…
Automazioni Industriali
The Arianna-IA App was created to offer Industrial Automation Customers a quick and accurate tool to remotely monitor, in a few simple steps, both the machine status and its key information. Thanks to this Application it is possible to obtain, in real time, the machine status (RUN/STOP) by checking how many minutes it has been in a given state.
Mockup App Piscine Castiglione
Piscine Castiglione
Piscine Castiglione is a business division of A&T Europe S.p.A. whose activity consists of the design, production and construction of swimming pools, water parks and spas present all over the world. Piscine Castiglione’s professionalism and high engineering of materials have enabled the company to acquire world leadership in the field…
Mockup App Univet
The IoT App to manage the EOS-Next devices mounted on the working glasses of dentists and surgeons around the world. EOS-Next devices are small variable brightness lamps supported by the work glasses used by dentists and surgeons worldwide. Doctors need to be able to manage the different levels of LED brightness in a smart way: this is where Univet Connect is born, the App…
Arriva Italia
The Arriva Kiosk App was created to provide concrete support to the Company’s employees, especially drivers. In fact, thanks to the Application, at the beginning of each work shift, the driver is able to locate the exact seat of the bus he will use for the service. This is possible by placing a card with NFC on the tablet or manually entering the personal code…
Albini Group
Fabric Butler is a native iOS and Android App dedicated to those who love high-quality tailored shirts. With an innovative catalog, Fabric Butler presents the full range of Albini fabrics offered by the world’s best tailors. The App can be used by tailors, retailers, end-consumers who are already customers and those who are not yet, each user in fact has a user interface…

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