iOs, Android or Windows Phone? The Best mobile platforms for your target

How to choose the most suitable platform for your target without headaches

Have an idea for an app but do not know where to begin? Start from this infographic, which helps you to figure out which operating system to choose and why.

The apps market is now huge and full of contents, make your app better, speaking directly to your audience, studying trends and head straight for the most suitable platform.

Many of our customers, both big and small, have serious doubts about it and often feel lost and confused in a world that only talks about mobile apps, with the risk of wasting money, time and more importantly, a very good idea .

There are 3 platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) which together take almost all of the mobile market. They have huge differences among them, not only in hardware but also in functionality and aesthetics in the target and in how they approach the market.

Each one has its audience and each app has its own content, each content has a style and each style has its best suited platform. infographics show the best mobile platforms