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The future is in your hands with IoT as you connect your devices and tap into real-time data. DuckMa is a niche-experienced Internet of Things solution provider to help you capitalise on IoT software that simplifies everyday operations, enables remote machinery monitoring or puts control where you are.

We have been harnessing IoT technology for over 10 years while developing tailor-made solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, smart homes and other use cases. Regardless of what you do, DuckMa is an IoT solutions company that will listen to your digital needs and innovate a way to implement software that fulfils them.

Whether you are considering IoT to improve your crew’s performance or expand your product’s functionality by ensuring live information exchange, we have a tech stack and talent to make it happen.

What we can do for you

IoT application development that makes you nimble

Timely response to changes and emergencies is key to effectiveness. At DuckMa, we can develop customised IoT software to connect your system to sensors used throughout your commercial or industrial facility. Based on the information you receive, you can have a deeper insight into your business and adjust your response strategies.

But use cases may be different. With our custom IoT development skills and integration prowess, you can get a fully-fledged solution for what matters to you.

What Our IoT Clients Say

Real success stories in the IoT world

"DuckMa's IoT solutions have transformed our company's infrastructure. From smart gates and doors to environmental monitoring, DuckMa delivers innovation that matters."

Diego Colombo

Diego Colombo

CEO & Founder

“DuckMa's IoT solutions have revolutionized our factory operations. Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance have significantly reduced downtime.”

Mauro Cerutti

Mauro Cerutti

Head of IT

"We had a tight development schedule and significant project complexities, so we turned to DuckMa."

Gianfranco Andreoli

Gianfranco Andreoli


Our best projects

Real startup supported

Myrtha Pools Logo

Pools full remote control

Simplify work-related processes using a remote control feature. This option will save you and your team tons of time by letting you oversee machinery and control production units, surveillance and other equipment from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Our contribution:
Analyzing the needs together to start the job.
Developing the interface to enhance the overall user experience.
Defining the final version of the application.
Myrtha Pools
Mockup Artemis - Smart Pool System
Logo RIB

Doors and gates network establishment

Connect multiple devices and create your company’s own inner network to manage processes on the go. An IoT app can enable data synchronisation via the cloud infrastructure so that you can use it via several gadgets simultaneously. Our IoT software development team can implement such a network in a wink to make your organisation more data-centric and independent.

Our contribution:
Shared-board to get all the ideas and decide how to operate.
Defining the aesthetics of the user flow that people will follow.
Realizing the project developed.
App RIB Mockup
Logo Univet
Doctors' working glasses led control

Smartly manage different LED brightness levels on medical and dental work glasses. Act upon changes to maintain your equipment or modify your crew’s tasks based on the data you receive from IoT software. This paves the way for instant troubleshooting and the reduction of hard-to-plan-for issues. Implement sensors and actuators that track all on-site happenings and keep you updated in a dedicated app tab. They can be rolled out everywhere, from factories to residential spaces.

Our contribution:
Design thinking workshop to clarify the concept and brainstorming about functionalities
User Experience and User Interface design.
User Flow and User Stories.
Design and implementation of a mobile first Application.
Univet Connect
Univet Mockup
Empowering Human Beings

Why DuckMa

Your Trusted Partner for Innovation in Internet of Things

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Main Benefits


Accelerated growth

Propel your startup's growth with DuckMa's innovative solutions, tailored to your unique needs.



Build scalable solutions that adapt and evolve as your startup expands.


Competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge in the market by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology.

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