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Financial Excellence Bank

Financial Excellence Bank


“We entrusted DuckMa with enhancing our security measures, and the results have exceeded our expectations. Their innovation is unmatched.”

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Capital Trust Investments


"DuckMa's expertise in cutting-edge technology fueled our fintech solutions' success. Their commitment to innovation sets them apart."

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What Our Clients Say

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Logo Conio
Wallet bitcoin storage

Thanks to the multi-signature system 2 of 3 and the very high security standards, this app allows you to store your bitcoins without worries, always remaining in full possession of your funds.

Our contribution:
Teamwork to analyze ideas and choose the best approach.
Coding the aesthetics of the user interface to elevate user satisfaction and engagement.
Developing the real application.
Mockup App Conio
Mockup App Conio
TrendRating Logo
Management platform for investors

Trendrating provides advanced analytics and leading edge technology, designed to capture trends, identifying most of the winners and avoiding a large part of the losers with in a yearly horizon.

Our contribution:
Team ideation to put down the concept and all the functionalities.
Setting everything about the user, with a user-centric methodology.
Designing a mobile first application.
Mockup App TrendRating
Mockup App TrendRating
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