Analysis and Development of Digital Projects.

A Method dedicated to Digital Products.

A way to turn an Idea into a Reality.

The Fundamentals of our Method.

The DuckMa Method is designed and tested to realise a successful Digital Project quickly, producing an effective and accurate result that is appreciated and ensures a rapid return on investment (ROI).

That's why we guarantee it!

Your idea will pass through three fundamental moments:


Feasibility Study


Project Study


Project Design


Through these three moments we will give you and contract both the timing and the investment for the Project.

You will be at the centre of every decision, we will act as consultants to find the best solutions.

Definite timeframe
of Project development

Clear and transparent costs
on every part of the project

Project Awareness
thanks to constant involvement



You are involved in a Workshop in which a dedicated Team analyses the Project with you. This is when we do an initial feasibility study. We hand you a document called the Workbook Plan that will provide you with what we elaborate during and after the meeting.

A final call/alignment meeting is agreed at the end of the Plan phase.


You participate in a Workshop with a dedicated Team with whom we delve into the technical features, critical issues and opportunities of your Project. We hand you a document called the Discovery Workbook that will provide you with what we elaborate during and after the meeting. A final alignment call/meeting is agreed upon at the end of the Discovery phase.


We work in synergy to realise the graphics of your Project and turn them into the navigable graphic prototype that you can use to validate your idea or present it to investors. The graphical prototype gives you the opportunity to gather feedback from end users, further optimising the UI / UX before working on the code.


A team of IT experts, dedicated to the Project, will produce the source code. You will receive contractual guarantees on development time and constant updates. At the end of the work, the publication on the Store, where foreseen, will be managed.

Alpha Testing

Both during implementation and once the project is complete, we carry out a battery of tests focusing on usability and stress situations. We identify corner cases to test and optimise all processes.

Beta Testing

Upon delivery of the Project, before GoLive, we activate a ticketing channel on ClickUp and start a month of testing with the Customer. Together with you we put the system to the test to avoid nasty surprises once online.




Un Team di esperti informatici, dedicati al Progetto, produrrà il codice sorgente. Riceverete garanzie contrattuali sulle tempistiche di sviluppo e costanti aggiornamenti. A fine lavori verrà gestita la pubblicazione su Store, dove prevista.

Alpha Testing

Sia durante la realizzazione che una volta concluso il Progetto, svolgiamo una batteria di test incentrati su usabilità e situazioni stress. Individuiamo corner case per testare e ottimizzare tutti i processi.

Beta Testing

Alla consegna del Progetto, prima del GoLive, attiviamo un canale di ticketing su ClickUp e iniziamo un mese di test con il Cliente. Insieme a te mettiamo a durissima prova il sistema per evitare brutte sorprese una volta online.



Any project needs a server infrastructure. Thanks to our partnership and certified figures, we are able to design and bring online the Cloud infrastructure on the Google platform (we also work on other systems). The infrastructure is designed on the basis of the Project created, taking into account both costs and the number of User Users for scalability.


We offer a range of possibilities that can be adapted to all needs:

  • 2nd level service
  • Routine maintenance
  • Evolutionary maintenance


Our services for launch strategies and analysis of your Digital Project:

  • Launch campaign
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SaaS Sales

The Uniqueness of Our Method.


It is focused on the concreteness of the result to be achieved at each step.


Each step guarantees the objective to be achieved.


There are no contractual obligations.

The customer is free to terminate the collaboration at the end of the purchased step.


It's transparent: there are no hidden clauses or extra-budgetary surprises (everything is decided together before the development of the Project starts).


It provides for strong customer involvement at every stage and requires customer approval at the end of each phase.


We constantly monitor the degree of customer satisfaction and, if something goes wrong, we resolve the dispute already at the step on which we are working, getting the project back on track.


It allows the Application to be validated with minimal investment.


It allows the customer to validate his idea or present it to investors even before it is developed.


It allows the client to invest in a considered manner with clear and pre-defined short- and medium-term objectives.

Large Companies are already using our Digital Projects to innovate their Business.

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Let's create your Success Project together!