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3Bee Srl develops systems to improve bee health and protect biodiversity by developing unique and innovative technologies that enable them to listen to bees' needs and intervene when they are not well.

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Mockup App 3Bee

The Challenge.

Develop an App for both beekeepers and honey consumers to manage their hives and monitor them, and an eCommerce for selling or adopting solitary bee houses.

The Solution.

The 3Bee App is designed to be accessed both as beekeeper and consumer.

As a beekeeper it is a hive manager: you can organise and manage your apiary work, set up a calendar of interventions, create written and voice notes, set deadlines and notifications.

Those who adopt a hive can monitor their hives in real time, view photos, videos and comments from their beekeepers and view the health status of their hives.

3Bee has also thought about solitary wild bees, which are often undervalued compared to honey bees.

We have designed an e-commerce for the sale or simple adoption of their homes, to support the reproduction of these important pollinators.

Mockup App 3Bee
Mockup App 3Bee


Monitoring of adopted trees and beehives, being able to read the data sent by the inserted sensors in a simple and intuitive way, to be constantly updated on the condition of the product

Possibility of receiving honey produced by one's own hive

Easy purchase or adoption procedure to help preserve our planet's biodiversity

Community of users for discussion and suggestions

Let's create your Success Project together!

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