SMED is an Italian company born with the aim of bringing prevention, health and well-being quickly and everywhere. The development of its telemedicine solution allows to overcome the limits of the public health service. The Italian one is a sector of very high level, but it has excessive timing for the emission of services. Over time they have therefore expanded the activity of their service bringing it to cover the entire national territory. This way, thanks to the healthcare software, it was possible to ensure much shorter times than the public sector, which too often suffers from this lack. They aimed to organize the activity by dividing it between the different subjects involved, namely the nurse, the doctor and finally the patient.

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Mockup App SMED

The Challenge.

A telemedicine solution had to be developed to allow professionals to perform their tasks more easily. On the other hand, an app that allows patients to manage data, documents and booking visits more easily, reducing the time usually needed to do so. It was necessary to develop and optimize both platforms to provide high-level healthcare software to all stakeholders. Ensuring the lightening of the workload of the entire health sector.

The Solution.

The web portal is a dedicated telemedicine solution that can be used by patients to consult all the key information in their medical records and receive remote visits from medical professionals. The mobile app is a powerful extension of this technology. You can book specialist visits on your own, as well as purchase services and receive health monitoring advice. 

In addition, thanks to an integrated calendar you can view the scheduled and even past visits. Finally, thanks to the notifications you can always stay up to date on reports and appointments.

Mockup App SMED

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