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DonatID is one of the leading legal firms in Milan, serving as a focal point for the use of innovative startup software. Countless businesses nowadays have chosen to adopt this solution for their operations. DonatID enables various companies to share their supportive actions or donations. Users receive them as news and can actively participate in the created campaigns.

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The Challenge.

The startup app was supposed to enable users to make donations easily, allowing everyone to contribute their support. Furthermore, the option to share donations on social media would lead to an increasingly wider user base. The primary need was to manage microtransactions with the ability to select different types of organizations. The solution had to ensure maximum privacy and data security, given the sensitivity of the information. A software house capable of handling a project of this magnitude, tailored to millions of users and as many transactions, was required.

The Solution.

For this reason, the application is born, which, based on current legal systems, allows the user to bypass the more bureaucratic phases. The goal was to attract, in addition to existing donors, all those who have always kept their distance from this world.

The administrator has the ability to effectively manage the content through:

  • The list of present organizations,
  • The list of data related to donations,
  • Access to the showcase for inserting new information related to campaigns.

To streamline the procedures, users are allowed to choose the preferred charitable organization by selecting it from a detailed list within the startup software. It is possible to filter both by name and by theme, enabling them to choose the one most aligned with their ideals.

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Mockup App DonatID


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List of beneficiary

Choice of donation amount and frequency of payment

Simplified bureaucratic procedures

Donation tracking

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