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For almost 25 years, Zato Srl has been involved in metal recovery. It has now become a point of reference thanks to the use of software for manufacturing, which increases the efficiency of metalworking.

Their production, located totally in Italy, of quality machines, integrates cutting-edge technologies. Recently, artificial intelligence has also been included.

Zato operates in 4 continents and 50 countries, thus covering a very large territory and helping a large number of people. Over the years, they have improved their production, always staying at the top of the market to establish themselves as an industry leader.

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Customer Need.

Nobody was able to guarantee a real-time video streaming of the activity carried out by the machines. The company needed developers for manufacturing software. First of all, it would allow him to collect and analyze all the data coming from the machine. Then integrating a real time video streaming system. It was necessary to be able to keep under control all the productive activity even at a distance. Only in this way would it have been possible to maintain efficiency at the highest levels and a constant quality.

DuckMa Solution.

A careful study of the need and a complete view of the problem laid the foundations for creating the ideal manufacturing application. The software developed allows the user to:

  • collecting data in an effective manner,
  • configure its display, and
  • bring a constant improvement in the activity carried out by the equipment. 

The app is installed on the internal computer of the machine, in order to collect all the data at any time when it is in operation. This allows the company to always have fresh data to work on to improve its work. Finally, the real-time video streaming of the machine, created with innovative technologies, allows control at all times.

Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions
Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions


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