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Univet was born in 1997 as a manufacturer of sunglasses for fashion brands. The synergy with the luxury sector has led them to constantly look for maximum professionalism and attention to detail for all their products. Today they are leaders in the production of glasses and visual amplification systems. In particular they use IoT solutions, used for surgery and dentistry. They always focus on their distinctive features, which characterize each project, namely:

  • Care of people;
  • Passion; 
  • Innovation;
  • Customer orientation.

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Univet Connect
Mockup App Univet Connect
Mockup App Univet

EOS-Next devices are small variable-brightness lamps supported by the working glasses used by dentists and surgeons worldwide.

Doctors' need is to be able to smartly manage the different brightness levels of the LED. Univet Connect allows for quick and easy control of the EOS-Next illuminator thanks to a simple and intuitive graphical interface. In fact it allows the user to choose directly from the smartphone among the 5 different brightness levels.

EOS-Next is a made-in-Italy product from Univet, equipped with a bluetooth module. Today it presents itself as an extension of magnifying systems for the field of global dentistry. In particular it permits to improve the field of view in the best possible way, increasing clinical performance and the final result.

The Challenge.

First of all Univet was looking for a system with iot technology that could allow professionals to control their visual devices remotely via smartphone. The need was indeed to use a simple tap, or a voice command in order to increase the convenience of management while carrying out their work. Basically they aim to improve people’s quality of life by ensuring their high performance and protect their eyesight even in the most extreme environments.

The Solution.

Thanks to the creation of the Univet Connect app, we were able to overcome the critical aspects of the project regarding the activation of the same by voice command. Some work has also been done on communication via bluetooth with the device concerned in order to ensure professionals a cross-platform technology solution, suitable for every need. The application allows doctors to easily and quickly control the lighting of EOS-Next devices using a simple and intuitive interface. In particular you can choose from 5 different brightness levels to illuminate the field of view. The data showed a marked improvement in clinical performance and also the final result obtained was great. Over time, this IoT solution has allowed data to be collected both locally and internationally, in order to carry out improvements increasingly targeted, thus ensuring users faster assistance.

Mockup App Univet Connect
Mockup App Univet Connect

Results Collected from the App.

The end users of the App are dental doctors and surgeons who have one or more EOS-Next devices.

The App has made it possible to register device users internationally and collect data accordingly, which, in the future, will be instrumental in improving the App with increasingly targeted interventions and faster assistance.

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