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Founded in San Francisco in 2015 by some Italian entrepreneurs, Conio is the fintech that created the first Bitcoin wallet in Italy. It has grown exponentially since its inception and now has over 400,000 retail customers. He received the support of Poste Italiane, which allowed him to become a point of reference on the Italian market. The company also supports users with different experience in the industry, even those who are novice. Then the entire interface of the financial service is patented, until it was launched on the Italian market in 2017. In the period of the pandemic, the first bank integration with a digital bank owned by Banca Sella, or Hype. In the summer of 2023 it received further expansion, introducing new assets to the market.

Website: conio.com


Italian bitcoin wallet


private customers

€1,2+ MM


Mockup App Conio

The Challenge.

The customer was looking for a company to develop a financial software for their needs. The purpose was to allow the storage of their Bitcoins effectively and without the risk of losing them. The conduct of the activity required the highest security standards, given the sensitivity of the data processed.

The Solution.

Develop a financial service with a multi-signature system, with very high levels of security. This allows the user to keep the full possession of their funds and their Bitcoins without difficulty, and also to use them when needed. Finally, every single transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is logged from the platform, to ensure real ownership, along with the use of your private key.

Mockup App Conio
Mockup App Conio


Bitcoins purchased or received are always transferred to the Wallet with a transaction recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. This, together with the private key, ensures the real ownership of Bitcoins

Each Multi-Signature Wallet is protected by 3 keys: the Client's key, the Conio key and the third recovery key, kept off-line at an independent third party

Unique patented procedure that, through advanced encryption systems, returns the first Wallet key in case of loss, ensuring access again

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