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We are a Digital Factory specialized in Mobile, Cloud, IoT and AI Projects.

We guide companies into the future, designing the best digital solution in a process of analysis and definition of the business opportunity.

We guarantee the creation of authentic Digital Products that improve the lives and relationships of millions of people every day.

Il ruolo

Your role will be a fundamental part of the success of the Company.

You will have to take care of studying, designing and designing the clothes for the Applications that we create, both for our Customers and for our Products. You will need to be able to manage and lead Design Thinking workshops together with the development team, produce User Journeys, Wireframes and Mockups.

You will interface with a multiplatform team and with our Customers: teamwork in DuckMa is important and essential, it guarantees support for each team member and decrees the success of complex projects.


  • Experience in graphic design studio (focus on Mobile)
  • Experience in managing workshops with customers
  • Strong attention to UX and UI details
  • Knowledge of UX and UI good practices
  • Knowledge of Design Thinking
  • Spoken and written knowledge of the English language

Preferential requirements

  • Knowledge and use of Miro
  • Knowledge and use of Figma or Sketch
  • Knowledge of the Design Sprint framework
  • Experience working in a software development and consultancy team
  • Good knowledge of Agile methodologies

Dove siamo

We know the world of work has changed, we are following a path that will soon lead us to work towards objectives.

In DuckMa everyone has the responsibility to achieve the set objectives and to help the team achieve them.

The work will be carried out at our headquarters in Rezzato (BS) with the possibility of working in hybrid Working for a few days a week.

Tipologia di collaborazione

We believe that the contractual part is only a tool to regulate our relationship.

We evaluate figures who collaborate with an employment contract - we apply the CCNL Metalmeccanici Industria - or with a Freelance contract, as a long-term collaboration.

Table with RAL range (Gross Annual Income) applied within DuckMa:
RAL from
RAL to

€ 22.000

€ 25.000

Junior Plus

€ 25.000

€ 28.000


€ 28.000

€ 30.000

Mid Plus

€ 30.000

€ 35.000


€ 35.000

€ 40.000

Senior Plus

€ 40.000

€ 45.000

The following are provided as work tools and benefits:

  • Latest generation MacBook Pro
  • Tea, coffee and food inside the structure
  • Courses and training (training plan defined with the PM)
  • Rewards linked to objectives

We have collaborated with:

This role is right for you if:


You seek perfection in what you do and pay maximum attention to detail, discouraging mediocrity. For us, excellence is also in the small things. We expect you to always aim high and be very organised.


Being resilient in DuckMa means being able to understand when it is necessary to change direction, acting accordingly in a short time.

We expect you to be aligned with the company values and to always keep the vision in mind in the choices you make. It is important that you monitor your KPIs and organize your work impeccably.

User enhancement

The aim of our work is to give great added value to the User, who must benefit from what we do and must come first when thinking about the product.

We expect you to always have the User at the center of the design process: at DuckMa you have to think as a User and put yourself in the shoes of those who will use what you create.

“At DuckMa we pay a lot of attention to the user experience: our projects are beautiful to look at and above all easy to use, we want to improve and enhance the lives of the people who use them.”

Federica Galli – UI & UX Designer DuckMa


Guiding Customers and helping them in User Experience and Design choices

One of your tasks will be to design, together with the rest of the team, the Applications that we will have to develop.

In addition to the graphic taste, your goal to achieve will be the satisfaction of the End Users in using the Software we make. You will have to help the technical team in drafting project documents (functional specifications).

Customers are part of the process

You will have to interface with our Customers, one of your tasks will be to manage and direct Design Thinking workshops together with the development team. For this you will have to communicate clearly and precisely, produce User Journeys, Wireframes and Mockups by integrating all the materials into our management tools (ClickUp and Google Apps).

Contribution to the team

As a member of a team your responsibility is to contribute to the success of the team, putting yourself involved and thinking of the common good rather than focusing on the individual.

You will have to educate yourself, train and help spread awareness of your work transversally to other members.

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"Passion for what we do is what drives us."

Matteo Gazzurelli – CEO DuckMa

La Nostra Roadmap

La Nostra Roadmap

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We constantly hire people who are passionate about their work, who want to improve themselves and who want to get involved.

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