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Experience matters, be focus too.
We got both.

Some years ago we launched DuckMa and now it has become a mobile boutique. Thanks to a lot of hard work and passion, we are happy to say we can proudly support all of our customers needs having more than 8 years of experience on iOS and Android platforms. More recently, we complemented those skills with Windows Phone and hybrid apps development capabilities, to create apps for the enterprise market too. API-based design knowledge to build real-time responsive backend services make our shop the best place to stop by when you need a rock solid partner for your mobile app development.

How we work

Mobile Development

Not just a technology studio.


are the building blocks of every app launch strategy. They put customers at the center of the creative process. The design phase done alongside customer’s team is something really important to create an effective product experience.

Good apps sell! Remember that.


for Android

makes it really easy for seniors use a smartphone.

We experiment

a lot on ourselves, building our own products to learn how to make yours more successful.

DuckMa Sales

for iPad

helps SME to manage their sales process smoothly.

This is what we call R&D: understand our customer pain

Being in our customer’s shoes is very important for us. Experiment their own difficulties and observing their reactions while launching a product is an unvaluable experience. Learning from customer’s observation is one the most important aspects to help them succeeding.

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