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Mobile technology has revolutionised the way manufacturing companies operate, offering numerous opportunities to increase productivity and simplify business processes. Thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, manufacturers can make the most of the potential of this technology.

Access to real-time data, production monitoring, more efficient communication and collaboration, process automation and technical training can help optimise operations and reduce costs.

Automazioni Industriali

Automazioni Industriali Srl has been specialising in industrial automation, robotic and servo systems for over 35 years.

After having developed a first version of the Mobile App internally, we were asked to create a new version to be published on the Store in order to distribute it to our customers in about 23 countries around the world.

The Arianna-IA App was created to offer Automazioni Industriali’s customers a quick and accurate tool to remotely monitor both the status of the machine and its key information in a few simple steps.

Automazioni Industriali
Mockup App Automazioni Industriali

Tecnocarpent Srl has been operating for more than 40 years as a qualified manufacturer of industrial plants in the fields of aluminium extrusion, aluminium billet foundry and special plants and machines for various industrial sectors at the customer’s request.

We were asked to find a solution to optimise and speed up internal information, in particular the control of labour costs per job order and to manage staff and employees.

We developed Mobile Worker, a Mobile App for iOS and Android with an Administration Console, which completely eliminates paper for the management of job orders, labour, employees and collaborators.


For almost 25 years Zato Srl has been designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and waste in general.

The Zato Machine Surveillance Mobile App system stems from the need to display on smartphones the machine data acquired by Ewon > Embedded PC and the video streaming in real time of the camera positioned above the Blue Devil twin-shaft industrial shredder, allowing full monitoring of the machine to improve the efficiency and productivity of the plant.

The developed application allows machine data to be monitored throughout the production cycle and a web console is available for configuration and visualisation of all data.

Zato Srl
Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions

Since 1986, Giusti Srl has been an undisputed reference point on the national scene in the field of software solutions for many types of companies, from SMEs to multinationals.

The company needed to develop a version of the already existing NikèPad App in Flutter, so as to have a codebase easily maintainable and expandable over time with additional modules.

Nikè is a very extensive suite of software products for managing the sales network, customers, orders and much more. It is a standard platform but also highly customisable according to the customer’s needs. It is therefore developed around a central core that is customised and expanded through modules that add certain functionalities.

Giusti Srl
Mockup App Giusti

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