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Through customised IoT solutions, DuckMa helps its customers improve business performance by optimising processes, increasing operational efficiency and providing a deeper insight into their business.

The integration of IoT devices and data analysis can provide new opportunities for process optimisation, productivity improvement and the creation of new business models.

Piscine Castiglione

Piscine Castiglione is a division of A&T Europe S.p.A. whose activity consists in the design, production and realisation of swimming pools, water parks and spas all over the world.

The search for increasingly advanced solutions has led the company to the creation of the Smart Pool System Artemis, a control box to be connected to the pool accessories for remote control via smartphone. For this, the Company turned to us for the development of the Application that would interface via wi-fi and bluetooth (BLE) to the electronic board inserted in the box.

The Artemis control system allows complete management of the pool, all the necessary functions are in one solution.

Piscine Castiglione
Mockup Artemis - Smart Pool System

One of the few companies in the world with a fully integrated cycle, RIB Srl is an Italian manufacturer of automations for gates, barriers, shutters and overhead doors.

The customer’s requirement was to be able to configure and operate the control units via smartphone.

The RIB Gate App is intended for end customers but also, and above all, for installers.

The App for the Installer aims to improve and facilitate the configuration and maintenance of the new control units. The User App is intended to provide an additional service to the end customer in order to improve the user experience of RIB products.

Mockup App RIB

Sensori Srl was founded in 1988. Thanks to its management skills and high production quality, it established itself in the field of thermoregulation and gas safety.

The Customer’s need was to create an App that would allow to match one or more compatible sensors, read the data sent from the server (via Rest connection and/or Push Notification) and display them in the Application.

The Gulliver Application allows the configuration and management of the carbon dioxide, methane, LPG and carbon detection devices produced by the company.

It has an interface similar to Homekit, where the house is divided into rooms and detectors can be added to each room and multiple houses can be added in the same App.

Sensori Srl
Mockup App Gulliver

For almost 25 years Zato Srl has been designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and waste in general.

The Zato Machine Surveillance Mobile App system stems from the need to display on smartphones the machine data acquired by Ewon > Embedded PC and the video streaming in real time of the camera positioned above the Blue Devil twin-shaft industrial shredder, allowing full monitoring of the machine to improve the efficiency and productivity of the plant.

The developed application allows machine data to be monitored throughout the production cycle and a web console is available for configuration and visualisation of all data.

Zato Srl
Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions

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