The convenience of having a virtual personal trainer at your smartphone’s fingertips and the ability to monitor and share your progress online make fitness increasingly technological.


We are proud to offer a complete solution for the development of fitness apps and software that allow you to plan your daily physical activity, monitor your diet and share your progress online.

We are a reliable and efficient partner and thanks to our solutions you can create a customised experience for each user.

For gyms and fitness centres, DuckMa represents added value to the services offered. Thanks to our expertise in fitness app and software development, we can create customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each facility.

Fit is Beauty

Giulia C., fitness and wellness instructor & nutrition coach, is the founder of Fit is Beauty and has over 150,000 followers on Instagram.

She approached us to develop an App that could solve a specific need of her users and allow her to monetise.

The Fit is Beauty App provides a personalised 52-week training and nutrition plan, tailor-made for each woman, enabling her to get back in shape and rediscover herself as ‘Slim & Tonic’.

Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty

Healthy Virtuoso

I fondatori di Trendratind Ltd vantano 25 anni di esperienza nella creazione di modelli e software per gestori patrimoniali e di successo nella fornitura di soluzioni innovative e di livello mondiale.

Hanno chiesto il nostro supporto nello sviluppo di un’App per i loro Clienti che li avvisi in tempo su nuova tendenza in fase di sviluppo o di inversioni chiave, che possono avere un impatto sul loro portafoglio.

L’App Trendrating monitora il portafoglio del Cliente e notifica il momento giusto per migliorare i rendimenti riducendo al contempo i rischi.

Let’s create your Success Project together!

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