The financial innovation made possible by technological innovation can be translated into new business models, processes or products, and even new market players.


We stand out as the best partner for companies in the fintech sector wishing to exploit the full potential of technology.

Our consolidated experience in the field of Software Development and Digital Solutions makes us a reliable and competent partner for companies seeking financial innovation.


Founded in 2015 in San Francisco from the idea of Italian entrepreneurs, Conio Srl launched the first Bitcoin wallet for smartphones in Italy.

The Client’s need was to develop a Wallet for Bitcoin storage with the highest security standards.

The Conio App – Bitcoin Wallet, thanks to the multi-signature system 2 of 3 and the very high security standards, allows you to store your bitcoins without worries, always remaining in full possession of your funds. Every transaction is recorded on Bitcoin’s blockchain. This, together with your own private key, ensures the real ownership of your bitcoins.

Mockup App Conio

Trend Rating

The founders of Trendratind Ltd have 25 years of experience in creating models and software for asset managers and success in delivering innovative, world-class solutions.

They have enlisted our support in developing an App for their clients that alerts them in time on new developing trends or key reversals that may impact their portfolio.

The Trendrating App monitors the client’s portfolio and notifies them at the right time to improve returns while reducing risk.

Let’s create your Success Project together!

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