How to Make an App: Costs, Timeline, Functionality, Design and App Success

So, you have an app idea, do you?
You’re now ready to turn your dream into a reality?
At this point, you’re wondering how to make that app. The app development process can be
complicated and creating an app that will be successful involves much more than simply building
out the idea you have in your head. That’s what I’m here to guide you through today.
I’ll be explaining the step-by-step process of turning your creative genius into an app that you’ll
soon be able to market and monetize.
In this article you’ll learn:
• How to identify a market for your app
• How to determine your target audience
• How to determine which revenue model works best for your app
• How to keep your app optimized and relevant
• How to get started with the buildout
I’m about to run you through a crash course on
the business of creating a successful app,
so pay careful attention. This is important!

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