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For almost 25 years, Zato Srl has been designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and waste in general. By far the most recycled material in the world.

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Customer Need.

Zato's 'Machine Surveillance Mobile App' system was born from the need to display machine data acquired by Ewon > Embedded PC and real-time video streaming from the camera positioned above the Blue Devil twin-shaft industrial shredder on a smartphone, allowing full monitoring of the machine to improve plant efficiency and productivity.

DuckMa Solution.

The Application developed allows machine data to be monitored throughout the production cycle and a web console is available for data configuration and visualisation.

The PC on board the machine sends the video data to a system in the Cloud, allowing the video stream to be displayed in the Application.

The WebApp resides on the on-board machine PC.

Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions
Mockup App Zato Recycling Solutions


System status icon

Video Player

Statistical data (e.g. location, local time, etc.)

Machine-collected data (shown in graphics)

Graph showing the highest value (in bar) reached by the 2 shafts during crushing

Number of currently active alarms

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