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Tecnocarpent Srl has been operating for more than 40 years as a qualified manufacturer of industrial plants, in the fields of aluminium extrusion, aluminium billet foundry and special plants and machines for various industrial sectors at the Customer's request.

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This Product is a streamlined, flexible and easy-to-use solution that is easily adapted to all companies that need to optimise and speed up internal information, especially the control of labour costs per job order.

The employee enters via the App, during or at the end of the day, the hours worked for each job, while the machine operator enters the daily hours of use of the machine used to process the parts of each job.

Employees can request holidays and leave directly from the App, which are displayed on the calendar within the Application.

In just a few steps, employees' monthly reports are exported for payroll processing.

A dashboard allows consultation of the progress of each individual job in terms of hours worked compared to budgeted hours.

It is also possible to make an analysis of the job history in order to improve the budgeting of new projects and to avoid evaluation errors.

Customer Need.

Finding a solution for optimising and speeding up internal information, in particular the control of labour costs per job order and managing staff and collaborators.

DuckMa Solution.

We have developed a Mobile App for iOS and Android, with Administration Console, which completely eliminates the paper-based management of orders, labour, employees and contractors, resulting in clean, accurate and up-to-date data.

Eliminating paper reports ensures significant time savings by avoiding weekly and monthly checks for each employee/collaborator and the alignment of open orders.

Mockup App Tecnocarpent
Mockup App Tecnocarpent


Off-site worker management

Job status control with alerts

Significant time savings in the order reporting process

Daily automatic control of hours entered by employees

Quick export of employee data for payroll processing

Remote control of the day's processes

Streamlining the holiday and leave request and approval process

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