SMED Italy, which stands for Servizi MEdici Digitali (Digital Medical Services), is an Italian company focused on meeting people's needs for prevention, health and wellbeing.

With a team of specialists it provides preventive screening services, teleconsultations and remote specialist medical examinations.

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Smed Italy
Mockup App SMED

The Challenge.

Develop a web portal to enable healthcare professionals to book one or more of the services offered by SMED on behalf of Patients.

Develop a Mobile App to allow Patients to book a visit and consult their medical records.

The Solution.

Through the web portal, practitioners and nurses can book one or more telemedicine services offered by SMED, on behalf of service users (end-users).

They can manage visit requests, patient master data, user lists and notifications; they also have a dashboard with various graphics at their disposal.

The Mobile App, on the other hand, is a tool used by the service users (patients) to consult all the information on their medical records and receive tele-visits from medical professionals.

It is possible to book specialist examinations independently, purchase other services, receive advice on monitoring one's own health and receive suggestions of associated facilities.

Via the integrated calendar, you can view your scheduled and past visits, and thanks to the notifications, you are always up-to-date on reports and appointments.

Mockup App SMED

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