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One of the few companies in the world with a fully integrated cycle, RIB Srl is an Italian manufacturer of automations for gates, barriers, roller shutters and overhead doors.

A leader in the industrial and civil sectors, operating worldwide to provide peace of mind to installers and security to Customers.

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Mockup App RIB

The Challenge.

Being able to configure and operate the control units via smartphone.

The App is intended for end Customers but also, and above all, for installers.

The Solution.

The installer App aims to improve and facilitate the configuration and maintenance of new ECUs by the installer. The aim is to provide a valuable analysis and management tool to promote and solidify the relationship between the installer and RIB.

The purpose of the User App is to provide an additional service to the end customer in order to improve the user experience of RIB products.

App RIB Mockup
Mockup App RIB


Opening / closing gate via Bluetooth

Checking the status (open / closed) of the gateway

Status diagnostic screen when connected via Bluetooth with the gate

Receipt of temporary opening key sent by installer or administrator

Fault and malfunction reporting

Displaying statistical data from the control unit

Generating / sending temporary keys for users not authorised on the gateway

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