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Mobile App + Console Web

Founded in 2022 by Italian entrepreneurs, One Goblet Srl has launched a winetech App for distributors, producers and wineries throughout Italy.

One Goblet Srl
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Customer Need.

Facilitating business between wineries/wine producers and restaurateurs, making it possible for the former to present their products to a qualified audience of likely buyers and for the latter to establish a direct channel of communication with qualified suppliers.

DuckMa Solution.

We developed an App where wine producers/wineries have a customer list to contact, obtained from the OneGoblet database, with the possibility to chat directly from the App.

Restaurateurs / wine shops / distributors, on the other hand, find the Products quickly and easily, with details of the winery / producer and its catalogue, and the possibility to chat directly from the App.

Mockup App One Goblet
Mockup App One Goblet


Product catalogue sorted in ascending/descending order from the date of insertion and addition of new products in an easy and intuitive way

Selected product sheet with photo, description, grape varieties used, appellation and rating

Events' section with list of national events created by wineries/producers

Administration console for wineries/producers with dashboard and possibility to add, edit or remove products.

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