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Type of Application

Web Portal + Mobile App

NDG Srl is the first web portal in Italy run by Doctors for Doctors.

Knowing the needs of the industry, the request was to design a platform that allows doctors to visit their patients via encrypted video consulting.

Niente di Grave
Mockup App Niente di Grave
Logo Niente di Grave

Customer Need.

Re-designing the telemedicine web portal and adding a Mobile App.

DuckMa Solution.

The NienteDiGrave product is a Web App accessible from a web link, flanked by a first version of a Mobile App, mainly designed for the Doctor, with the function of a notification centre.

The Web App allows ease of use and convenient visualisation of all data, both during video consulting and while using the platform.

The Mobile App, on the other hand, allows the doctor to receive notifications in a timely manner when a new video consultation is requested by a patient.

Mockup App Niente di Grave
Mockup App Niente di Grave


Complete list of future visits booked by the patient

Complete list of the patient's previous visits

Complete list of Patient Records documents

Instant video consultation

For the doctor, agenda within the calendar with details of the scheduled visit

Patient master data

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