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Neewa is a registered trademark of the company Agripool Srl, a brand that has made a name for itself thanks to a marked verticalisation of its products, designed to optimise the performance of all dogs with specific solutions for every sphere, from sporting to everyday.

One of Neewa's strong points is the use of high quality materials with high tensile and tear resistance.

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Customer Need.

Neewa decided to implement an NFC solution for its products to consolidate and strengthen its position within the pet accessories market. The main requirement was to offer its customers an agile and intelligent tool to find their dog in case of loss thanks to accessories that are always traceable, in a sort of 2.0 version of the classic dog tag with the owner's name and contact details, but with the added advantage of being able to manage and update data directly online.

DuckMa Solution.

During the development of the App, we went beyond the needs expressed by the customer, hypothesising a business development path that would allow the Application, in the long run, to become a real information centre for the dog with all the information and documents concerning him.

A number of additions to the initial project were identified, managed with an open and responsive communication that allowed changes to be handled promptly without any impact on the final cost, despite the fact that it was a project of medium/high complexity, particularly in terms of the quality of the graphics and the interactions between App, WebApp and Console.

The result is a native multiplatform (Flutter) iOS Swift and Android Kotlin app with WebApp and administrative console in React.

Mockup App NeewApp
Mockup App NeewApp


Thanks to an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag, the App makes it possible to identify the most suitable Neewa product for the dog based on the specific needs indicated by the user

Through NFC technology, if a dog is lost, the finder can trace the information and notify the owner of its discovery

Filing service for dog documents (health booklet, vaccinations, antiparasites, etc.).

Calendar function to manage vaccination recalls and vet visits

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