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Myrtha has transformed the aquatics industry worldwide, with innovative pool design, breakthrough technology and game-changing efficiency.

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Mockup di Artemis - Smart Pool System
Mockup di Artemis - Smart Pool System

The Artemis control system enables complete management of the pool; all the necessary functions are in one solution.

Water values and temperature are measured in real time. The main factors (pH, disinfection) to keep the water crystal clear are adjusted via control units. Switching equipment on and off can be managed and an event calendar with automatic settings can be defined. An immediate interface allows management and programming of RGB lights, customizing settings.

Alarms alert the User to anomalies or values that need to be corrected. Other notifications report information and events for optimal plant and pool management.

The Challenge.

The search for more and more advanced solutions led the Company to the realization of the Artemis Smart Pool System, a control box to be connected to the pool accessories for remote control via smartphone. For this, the Company turned to us to develop the Application that would interface via wi-fi and bluetooth (BLE) to the electronic board inserted in the control box.

The Solution.

A complex project that required several months of intense work for the design and implementation phase of the Mobile App.

The technological choice focused on the development of a native App (iOS and Android) guaranteeing maximum coverage for both end users (Customers) and Maintenance Technicians, but above all guaranteeing, at the development level, maximum flexibility on the functionality required by Piscine Castiglione.

The App allows remote control of water quality and temperature, on/off times for lights, whirlpools and water features. It is possible to use voice commands to adjust pool accessories: water temperature, lighting, waterfalls, various sensors, water and light features, and more. There are also notifications and alerts for incorrect water parameters (ph, chlorine, etc.).

Mockup Artemis - Smart Pool System

Results Collected from the App.

Due to its particularity and the niche market in which it is placed, the App does not expect large volumes of downloads.

The Artemis system is an exclusive accessory available for pools designed by Piscine Castiglione.

Today, in addition to a few hundred Customers who have installed it on their smartphones or iPhones, we can certainly foresee that it will find quite a lot of interest among Maintenance Technicians.

Indeed, the system not only allows timely remote control by them of water quality, but it is also possible to operate the system preventively, avoiding unpleasant extraordinary maintenance.

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