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Since 1947, the entrepreneurial spirit of Martinelli Ginetto has relied on technical skills, the adoption of the most advanced textile technologies, and the ability to stimulate professional and creative energies in order to innovate their product at all levels.

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Mockup App Kohro

The Challenge.

The customer's need was a software for configuring and customizing beds, mainly used at trade fairs and events.

The Solution.

The main purpose of the Kohro system is to do lead generation through bed configuration and customization features, mainly used at fairs and events. The user can create new 3D configurations, with a real-time preview of the result.

Mockup App Kohro
Mockup App Kohro


Clients onboarding with login, registration and user profile

History and detail of previous configurations

3D render of the product being configured, complete with models and textures

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