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Giulia is a 46-year-old Influencer who has over 150 thousand followers on Instagram.

She has built her Brand and won the trust of her followers through mini videos with targeted exercises dedicated to women over 40 who want to improve or maintain fitness.

Giulia is also the author of a book: Fit is Beauty represents the missing piece in the composition of her professional puzzle.






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Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty

Fit is Beauty is the App designed by a woman for women, especially those over 40.

The App allows for a customized 52-week workout path and nutrition education plan tailored for each woman, enabling her to regain fitness and rediscover herself 'Slender & Tonic'.

The Challenge.

From the age of 40 onward, a kind of new era opens up in every woman's life. An intense and fascinating period of existence, in which, however, one is faced with a changing body.

Fit is Beauty gives an answer to the questions that arise in women over 40, who want to continue to keep fit with a simple tool and healthy eating, programmed with plans tailored to each woman's physical profile and calculated according to the waist-to-hip ratio.

Giulia, a 46-year-old woman, knows well the needs of her target audience.

She can count on a very large user base thanks to her Influencer activity that has grown and consolidated over the years.

This point of arrival has turned into a new point of departure: to create an App that can solve a specific need of the target audience and allow it to monetize, starting with an already loyal user base such as Instagram's.

The Solution.

Fit is Beauty is a complex Application.

The DuckMa team hit the target thanks to its Method, which was then the differentiating element for the choice of the Client: disappointed by her previous experience with an international company, she was looking for a Software House able to listen to her, understand her and develop the App she had been dreaming of for a long time.

One of the project's trump cards was dialogue, which was necessary to transform the Client's ideas into logical flows that could align Giulia's specific knowledge with DuckMa's technical expertise.

With the first Workshop, the analysis of the documentation and study of the Project began, leading to the record time realization of the infrastructure, with minute adherence to the delivery schedule.

The Team managed to exceed the Client's expectations, which returned its investment in less than a month after its release on the Stores: credit to its idea, certainly, as well as to the quality of the work.

Fit is Beauty

Results Collected from the App.

With nearly 2,000 subscribers and more than 5,000 subscribers, Fit is Beauty enabled the Client to return her investment in less than a month after it was released on the Stores-an incredible accomplishment that even she did not expect.

Goal achieved and further confirmed by the excellent reviews, both on the Stores (PlayStore: 35 reviews with average rating of 4.2; AppStore: 40 reviews with average rating of 4.5) and received directly from the Client via Instagram.

Let's create your Success Project together!

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