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Automazioni Industriali Srl has specialized in industrial automation, robotic and servo systems for over 30 years, and for the past few years has developed a new branch of the company for the production of electric presses for hot forging of non-ferrous metals.

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Mockup App Automazioni Industriali
Mockup App Automazioni Industriali

The Arianna – IA App was created to offer Automazioni Industriali's customers a quick and accurate tool to remotely monitor both the machine status and its key information in a few simple steps.

Thanks to this Application it is possible to obtain, in real time, the machine status (run / stop) by checking how many minutes it has been in a certain state. In addition, it is possible to view production-related information, such as the number of pieces produced during the day, and access a detailed list of alarms and warnings without any direct intervention on the machine. In the graph section, on the other hand, production can be monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

By accessing the 'detail' section, you can view the number of pieces produced for each individual article in the different time intervals in which it was processed.

The App also provides the user with the option of configuring a series of notifications in order to stay up-to-date on any changes in status.

The Challenge.

Automazioni Industriali, after having developed an initial version of the Mobile App in-house, selected DuckMa as the supplier to create the Mobile App to be published on AppStore and Google Play for distribution to its Customers of automation systems and electric presses in around 23 countries worldwide.

The Solution.

Applying our Method, we organised the Discovery workshop involving the company's decision makers in a half-day technical meeting in which the needs and critical issues of the project emerged.

Following the design of the screens of the mobile app, we moved on to the realisation of the sources using the Flutter framework, created by Google in 2017. Within about 2 months of the project start-up, we delivered the Beta version for testing by Automazioni Industriali's team of engineers dedicated to the project. In mid-August 2021, after some optimisations, we released the App on the Store.

In addition to providing after-sales support, we have initiated, at the Customer's request, a 'training on the job' programme for the team of engineers who will manage the Application in-house.

Mockup App Automazioni Industriali
Industrial Automation

App Collected Results.

About 2 months after its publication (November 2021), we have gathered the first positive feedback from entrepreneurs, production managers, machine operators who use the application and find it useful and intuitive.

Currently, the company has decided to push the distribution of the Mobile App in the Italian and English language version to electric press customers.

The market reaction has been very positive to the extent that some users are now requesting new functions, which is evidence of the strong market acceptance.

The Application will, in the near future, be used by the sales force as a value-added solution of an Industrial Automation system or press.

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