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Arriva is the leading passenger transport operator in Europe, employing around 40.000 people and delivering 1.5 billion passenger journeys, across 10 European countries, each year.

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Mockup App Arriva Kiosk
Mockup App Arriva Kiosk

The Arriva Kiosk App was created to provide concrete support to the company's employees, especially the drivers. In fact, thanks to the Application, the driver at the beginning of each work shift is able to locate the exact seat of the bus he will use for the service.

This is done by placing a card with NFC on the tablet or by manually entering the personal code: the App shows a map of the bus depot identifying the vehicle assigned to the driver with a PIN. This saves about 15 minutes per bus change.

The Challenge.

Arriva monitored the average time taken by each driver from the moment he starts work until he physically locates the vehicle, and estimated a 'lost' time of about 15 minutes at each vehicle change, a phenomenon related to the size of bus depots.

Hence the need to reduce the time taken to change from one vehicle to another, an objective that can only be achieved by offering drivers a simple and practical tool to quickly identify the location of the bus assigned to them on each shift.

The Solution.

After an initial introduction of the team to the customer, we immediately set to work to identify the most suitable tablet for the project and to align Arriva's representatives on how to implement the App.

We identified a tablet with NFC technology as the ideal tool and, at the same time, provided constant assistance to the Arriva team to make the implementation activities as smooth as possible.

The result is a native single-platform Android App and React JS console, a technology chosen to respect the customer's wish to implement the App on a Kiosk with Android tablet.

When the project was completed, Arriva requested Kiosk for two more depots with excellent prospects for further implementations and developments.

Mockup App Arriva Kiosk

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