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Amiko, a London-based company founded in 2015, has come up with Quantified Medicine, a digital health platform that enables smarter management of chronic disease treatment through data capture and analysis.

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Customer Need.

Developing the Breath App, a digital platform composed of sensors that, by tracking the use of inhalant medication, uses the data generated to support the choices of Doctors, Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals, involving Patients in a conscious way in their health-related choices.

DuckMa Solution.

Patients use Respiro by connecting a sensor to their existing inhalers or by using inhalers with built-in sensors. The sensors automatically track the flows generated by the User through the inhaler and connect wirelessly to the Patient's smartphone.

The Mobile App acts as a companion to the sensors, reminding Patients when it is time to inhale a dose and providing personalised insights and feedback, powered by data and artificial intelligence to help Patients achieve better results.

Mockup App Amiko

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