A DuckMa White-Label Product

DuckMa Tauatu

Agile, modern and intuitive tool for the

management of news and association events.

Sales & Marketing

Why DuckMa Tauatu

Today more than ever, involvement to association life depends on the

ability to communicate in a way that is targeted and relevant.

The smartphone is a tool agile, modern, integrated tool for share information and increase participation.

Simple & Clean

Communicate through a simple, scalable, up-to-date channel that can express prestige and fellowship.


Increase participation in events by conveying content customized to homogeneous groups of associates.


Identify the causes of defection to the events and understand the real interest toward newsletters, announcements, courses, etc.

Communicate & Organize

Utilize public and private chats for sharing information, news, and documents.

Login & Profile


The user, once the app is opened, can log in with the credentials he or she possession or with the first login function login.

He will then be able to see his profile and his user card (if enabled the function) with the information he he wants to disclose.

Mockup App Tauatu
Mockup App Tauatu

News & Events

The home consists of the list of news and upcoming events,

tapping will take you to the detail with additional data (ex: text, location, map, Join button, etc.).

In the saved section is available the list of events in which the user

intends to participate in.

Calendar Viewing & Filters

Displaying the Home screen according to a calendar view.

It is more intuitive and faster in case there are many events (even of different types: e.g. territorial, regional, national, etc.).

Mockup App Tauatu
Mockup App Tauatu

The Association

In the association tab, the user can view the association's description, references, and contact information to call.

A marketing feature is the sponsor showcase where there are any companies that have contributed to the project by sponsoring it.

Documents / Links & 'unread' Indication

There is the possibility of directly uploading both documents and links to external documents.

In addition, there is a visual element that will notify the user of the presence of an unread document.

Organization Chart

On the association tab, the user can view the complete organizational chart and details of each office.

The details of the components are the tabs in the list Tab Membership.

Event Registration

The user will be able to register for an event or cancel his or her


Each event can be added in the smartphone calendar.

Mockup App Tauatu

Push Notifications

The application provides push notifications, customized and managed in groups. Should a notification is missed or unread the user will be able to find them in this list.

Administration Console

Everything shown so far is manageable in an easy way thanks to an administration in the cloud.

New Features

Updates that have emerged from the users who use it.

Subscriber Form

The user will be able to view all of the members of the association (present in the app) via a list.

For each member, the following will be shown a range of information such as a photo, the first and last name, the company, role, website, a brief description and tags of the services offered.

Chats & Groups

Three types of chats may be displayed (identified by

different colors):

  • general
  • group
  • rivate

The user will be able to send or view messages and attachments.

All content is encrypted and privacy-compliant.

Notification List

Notifications will be managed within the application.

In case a notification is missed or unread the user will be able to find them in this list.

Payment System

Apple Pay Logo
Google Pay Logo
PayPal Logo

A secure, efficient and verifiable system.

Through integration with major credit card networks and online services, we are able to provide you with the collection of event, sponsor and membership fee payments through the system's integrated. Integration with Braintree (PayPal) Compatible with major global credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Web Version

The same functionality on desktop.

Transform your association management today

Innovate the way you manage an association or a company with Tauatu.

Tauatu provides a complete set of tools to manage events, members, and their participations, with the ability to create groups with custom permissions.

Enhance user engagement and simplify management for administrators.

Contact us today to discover how Tauatu will revolutionize your way of managing your business or association.