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DukMa Hands Free

Access gates with accessibility

DuckMa Hands Free

What is DuckMa Hands Free

DuckMa Hands Free allows people, in possession of the device and the application, a simple, fast and secure access to any place that has doors/portals or turnstiles and gates, without taking their phone (or any device) out of their pocket.


The project, in line with DuckMa's benefit objectives, is an accessible, empowering and useful technology to improve everyday life.

DuckMa Hands Free (DHF) is also excellent for supporting people who have disabilities and struggle to easily open doors and/or gates.


It was designed for private homes, smart cities, working environments, public transport, shopping centers etc.

This product can be applied to all vehicles and all accesses that have automatic entry / exit systems.

Ease of use.

The receiver installation (HW device) is very easy, install it by yourself on your door or ask to an expert

The receiver must be connected to the internet for access validation and registration – keep the access secure

Register and log into the App

Adopt and configure the receiver within the app using the tutorial

Keep the bluetooth LE active on your mobile phone

Access your path with ease

DuckMa Hands Free

1. Install DuckMa Hands Free


2. Download app

Corso Sviluppo App

3. Configuration

Keep the phone with you

4. Keep the phone with you

DuckMa Hands Free

5. Access without frills

How the system works.

The hardware is a SoC (System On a Chip) that communicate, using a secure MQTT Protocol, with the backend for validation and security.

The app communicates with the Receiver through BLE with a proprietary protocol called MODE (a DuckMa protocol) supported by a rotating key algorithm.

The Cloud is secure and It is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

The product is focused on B2C but can be provided also in whitelabel.

DuckMa Hands Free

Install the app

DuckMa Hands Free

Approach the door

DuckMa Hands Free


DuckMa Hands Free


DuckMa Hands Free
DuckMa Hands Free
DuckMa Hands Free
DuckMa Hands Free

Advanced security with

proprietary protocol and algorithm

99.98% uptime

GDPR compliance

SSL encryption

PCI compliance (Level 1)

Cloud Security Alliance (TBC)

ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3

Multi user support

Day passes

Push Notifications

Activity feeds & reports

API access

Online / Offline

Bluetooth & Wi-fi

Single user recorded track

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Choose date and time from the calendar

Change the rules and make your life smarter. Adopt DuckMa Hands Free, too.

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