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Elevate Product Customization with DuckMa's Configurator 2D & 3D

DuckMa Configurator

What is DuckMa Configurator

Showcasing configurable products has never been easier


Exponential learning speed thanks to a meticulously designed user experience.


Ultra-high-definition and real-time rendering, achieved by continuously learning optimization algorithms thanks to AI, allow customers to show their products at 360°.


Step-by-step management of patterns and colors to increase the efficiency of the sales area to quickly produce a bid and structure for a given project.


Uploading your products and services is facilitated by a dashboard that will allow you to get structure and price of a project or service in minutes.


Enhanced customer experience:

provide your customers with an interactive and engaging product customization experience.

Efficient design process:

streamline product design with our intuitive 2D and 3D configurator tools.

Boost sales:

increase conversion rates and sales by allowing customers to visualize their customized products.

DuckMa Configurator

DuckMa Configurator

DuckMa Configurator

DuckMa Configurator

What Our Clients Say

Real Success Stories with Configurator 2D & 3D

"DuckMa's configurator tools have revolutionized our customer interactions, resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction."

Custom Furniture Inc.


"Our design process is now more efficient, and our customers love seeing their customizations come to life."

Confidential Company

Auto Accessories Ltd.


“The configurator tools helped us increase sales by 25% and reduce design time by 40%."case stories.”

Financial Excellence Bank

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Product Manager

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Transform product customization today

Elevate Your Product Customization with Configurator 2D and 3D.

DuckMa's Configurator 2D and 3D tools empower you to offer an interactive and efficient product customization experience.

Boost sales, streamline design processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to explore how our configurator solutions can transform your product customization.