Bonsai, make your

company smart



Bonsai allows companies to manage all the activity and to organize it efficiently.

Just a click: that's what you need to supervise your employees and their job.

Handle the information flow at the workplace without losing time.


The project, following DuckMa's values, is an intuitive, cutting-edge and easy to use platorm that can improve the life in your enterprise.

Bonsai is also useful for employees, no matter the experience, everyone can use it.


It is designed for any type of activity, no matter the size. From the PMI to the Corporations, it can help in any part of the business. Thanks to it, any job can become smarter.


Easy to Use

Install Bonsai. Let you and your employees install the application in an easy way on yours smartphones. You just need an internet connection to complete the download and start using it immediately.

Download App. Register and log into the App.

Configuration. Start the application and configure it with everything you need. Put your data and choose which information you want to see.

Nothing difficult is needed. The app works online, because it uploads data to the cloud, but for some features it can be used offline too.

A clear interface in every part. The design has all you need to understand the functions without confusion .


How it Works

The system is a SAAS, so DuckMa can put in the console as many companies as the client wants.

In the application, supervisors can communicate directly with their employees sharing them all the informations they need uploading them to the cloud exploiting the fact that it works mainly online.

Employees have complete access to the platform, so that they can send any type of request to their supervisors and upload their working time, and let them control it every time. 


All the safest settings to improve the user experience:

  • you can put your personal data for the registration without using an internet connection, avoiding the loss of personal data.
  • Information exchange works through an encrypted channel, making communication fast and safe.
  • the access token may be valid for a short amount of time making all the access process more secure.
  • the password must meet all the highest security requirements; if it doesn’t respect them, you will be asked to modify it.


  • Splash page & start page;
  • Registration;
  • Login;
  • Password recovery;
  • Man hour log;
  • Machine hour log;
  • Geolocalized Clocking;
  • Report;
  • Holiday and permit request;
  • Material request;
  • Personal profile;
  • Notifications and notification history;
  • Chat;
  • Organization chart;
  • Events;
  • News;
  • Device free version;


Our system can be used by a brand new company with a little amount of employees, or a big company with a lot of people.

The result won't change: who chooses it is gonna succeed!