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With their 25 years of experience, they are committed to developing financial models and software for asset management. 

The founders of TrendRating have a record of success in the industry with innovative solutions that have not only been at the highest levels in the world. The main team consists of an experienced team of developers and mathematicians who all contribute to the success of the company.

The constant aim of the group is to provide a very precise tool that can guarantee solid results to customers, so that they can take the best choices during their trading activity. They work with the goal of always finding new improvements in any strategy.


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The Challenge.

The company wanted to allow its users to have more immediate financial software to exploit its services and keep track of the progress of their investments. The main idea is to offer a faster, more intuitive and suitable product for those interested in the sector. Everyone must have the opportunity to enter this world being supported during each phase.

The Solution.

This financial services platform allows you to closely follow the progress of each investment, providing you with any type of data in real time. Giving advice on how to continue managing it, avoiding possible future losses and increasing the chances of success. All regardless of the user experience. Finally, maintaining the company’s idea of developing the analysis over a year. This has ensured even more reliable results to work on.

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Validate investment ideas and analyst opinions

Get alerts on critical trend reversals

Analyze, compare and rate sectors

Analyze and optimize portfolios

Control risks across all your holdings

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