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3Bee is the leading climate tech company in biodiversity protection through technology, thanks to the development of software for startups. For the company, bees are the primary bioindicators for data collection and interpretation. With the data, they monitor the health of bees and pollinators. In addition they leverage the direct connection with ecosystems. The 3Bee team works with the goal of enhancing the diversity of each ecosystem. They have already educated 30,000 children on the topic, planted 10,000 trees, involved 650 companies, and installed 4000 devices. The pillars of their mission are the followings:

  • Monitoring: through their technologies, they contribute to the safeguarding of biodiversity.
  • Regeneration: they have already planted over 50,000 nectariferous trees in 18 Italian regions. Thanks to this they have created at least 200 oases benefiting over 800 million pollinators.
  • Education: the company's goal is to educate on biodiversity and sustainability, involving companies, collaborators, and managers. They also engage with schools, universities, and research centers.

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The Challenge.

3Bee has grown rapidly; because of this it needed suitable software to allow beekeepers and honey consumers to manage their beehives and access an e-commerce platform. Through this platform they could purchase various services or products, such as solitary bee houses. There was a need to collect data from sensors to monitor the health and condition of the bees and beehives.

The Solution.

The software for the startup has been designed in two ways, both for the beekeeper and the consumer. The beekeeper has access to a hive management system, and they can:

  • Organize and manage their work effectively,
  • Set up the entire intervention schedule,
  • Monitor the data related to their activity.

On the other hand, the consumer has the opportunity to adopt a beehive and keep it monitored. All of this is achievable through photos, videos, and comments from beekeepers. Finally, a dashboard has been created to display the health status of the adopted beehive.

Mockup App 3Bee
Mockup App 3Bee


It is possible to monitor adopted trees and beehives and to read the data sent by the inserted sensors in a simple and intuitive way. Moreover it is also possible to be constantly updated on the condition of the product.

There is now the possibility of receiving honey produced by one's own hive

It easy to purchase or adoption procedure to help preserve our planet's biodiversity

Eventually there is a space for discussion and suggestions in the community of users

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