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The entrepreneurial spirit of Martinello Ginetto has always been based, since its birth in 1947, on technical skills. In fact, the use of more advanced textile technologies, the ability to stimulate professionalism and creativity have brought their skills to an high level. Over time, the company has repeatedly changed the type of materials used in production, reaching in the 70s the top of the world market. The company’s growth has been constant thanks to the continuous creation of new divisions and the opening of new offices. That has made it possible to expand production more and more. Then, the Company has passed to the creation of fabrics for furniture, mainly addressed to architects and interior designers. In the last years the company has directed its activities towards greater digitalization. In fact today they rely in more and more departments on internet of things solutions.

10+ MM

m2 of fabric per year

€29 MM




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Mockup App Kohro

The Challenge.

The expansion of all the activity related to the sector of furniture fabrics, has forced the company to modernize the sales process of products . In addition, there has been the need to allow the products customization. In fact the goal was to give the user the possibility to choose the product he preferred at fairs or events and customize it in all its details. This way it was possible to make it as personal as possible; in order to do all this was necessary the right internet of things solution.

The Solution.

The configurator is the best internet of things solution to which you could arrive. In fact, by accessing, you can view the various types of beds available and customize it in its various parts. Normally these could only be observed physically during fairs or events. Instead, with the use of a three-dimensional technology the user can see the product from all angles and customize it to his liking. Real-time rendering allows you to instantly update the final result. In this way any changes can turn it into the product really desired by the person.

Mockup App Kohro
Mockup App Kohro


Clients onboarding with login, registration and user profile

History and detail of previous configurations

3D render of the product being configured, complete with models and textures

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