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Giulia is a creative and determined influencer. For her, the study was so therapeutic that she was able to develop her great passion that is to say the world of beauty. 

Focusing on her vocation, she has managed to reach relevant positions in the sector, but her competitive spirit has not allowed her to stop. Because of this she decided to go further and take the path of entrepreneurship. 

Over the years she understood how important it was both physical and mental maintenance creating short videos in order to give effective advice for both training and diet. 

This idea is directed to whoever wants to overcome the difficulties dictated by aging. She then evolved it all thanks to the development of a healthcare service that could guarantee people to protect themselves.






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Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty
Mockup App Fit is Beauty

Fit is Beauty is the App designed by a woman for women, especially those over 40.

The App allows a customized 52-week workout path and nutrition education plan tailored for each woman, enabling her to regain fitness and rediscover herself 'Slender & Tonic'.

The Challenge.

Leveraging the popularity that had built up over the years, the influencer needed an healthcare service. It is an opportunity for her to give immediate and suitable advice to the individual user, taking advantage of his personal experience. It could therefore help the target audience as well as monetize all of its support activity.

The Solution.

Thanks to the constant dialogue and synergy created between the customer experience and the technical capabilities of DuckMa, the development of this healthcare service has begun. The platform offers a complete and adequate service for the individual needs of each user. In fact, starting from the physical condition of the member, it is possible to develop a personalized program of 52 weeks. The plan includes:

  • diet, to provide a healthy and balanced diet;
  • training, to allow the person to achieve their goals;
  • recovery times, to allow proper physical fitness.

All this to meet the specific needs of the target customers of the application.

Fit is Beauty

Results Collected from the App.

With nearly 2,000 subscribers and more than 5,000 subscribers, Fit is Beauty enabled the Client to return her investment in less than a month after it was released on the Stores-an incredible accomplishment that even she did not expect.

The goal was achieved and further confirmed by the excellent reviews, both on the Stores (PlayStore: 35 reviews with average rating of 4.2; AppStore: 40 reviews with average rating of 4.5) and received directly from the Client via Instagram.

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