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Myrtha Pools S.p.A. was born in 1961 and today it is the international leader in the design and construction of professional competition pools, fun and design. In fact, her constant research of the most advanced technologies and the exclusivity of her patents, allowed her to revolutionize the entire market of which she is part. It represents indeed the qualitative excellence of Made in Italy in all major world sporting events. Myrtha produces all the components internally and keeps under control all the stages of production in order to make all its activities better and to guarantee an ever greater quality. In addition, it is committed to finding new IoT solutions for automation and to respecting the values that it has imposed since its inception:

  • competence
  • adaptability
  • aesthetics
  • service
  • innovation
  • performance


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Mockup di Artemis - Smart Pool System
Mockup di Artemis - Smart Pool System

The Challenge.

The Artemis control system enables complete management of the pool; all the necessary functions are in one solution.

Firstly water values and temperature are measured in real time. Additionally it is possible to adjust the main factors (pH, disinfection) to keep the water crystal clear via control units. It is easy to switch equipment on and off and it is also possible to define an event calendar with automatic settings. An immediate interface allows management and programming of RGB lights, customizing settings.

Alarms alert the User to anomalies or values that need to be corrected. Other notifications report information and events for optimal plant and pool management.

We needed an improvement of the pool control system with an automation solution. Moreover customer support had to become more effective and immediate: the company was looking for an advanced idea to manage its plants. Maintainers needed to do their job easily and the end user deserved a better service.

The Solution.

The app has ensured maximum coverage:

  • to the end user for convenience
  • to the maintainers in order to be able to carry out their activities safely and easily, without any difficulties

Through this application it is possible to control the quality and temperature of the water, the times of switching on and off the lights, any hydromassage and other elements of the pool. An innovative automation solution that provides full control to the end user.

Finally, in case of any incorrect water parameters, the sensors connected to the application will send an alarm to the user to warn him promptly of the anomaly.

Mockup Artemis - Smart Pool System

Results Collected from the App.

Due to its particularity and the niche market in which it is placed, the App does not expect large volumes of downloads.

The Artemis system is an exclusive accessory available for pools designed by Piscine Castiglione.

Today, in addition to a few hundred Customers who have installed it on their smartphones or iPhones, we can certainly foresee that it will find quite a lot of interest among Maintenance Technicians.

Indeed, it is possible not only to remotely control the system but there is also the possibility to operate the system preventively, avoiding unpleasant extraordinary maintenance.

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