A native app is useful if you have specific needs for the development of your app, going for projects with specific features intended for android and others specific instead for iOS.


  • Optimized performance: Native apps are developed using platform-specific tools and programming languages, and this optimizes performance and user experience for that specific operating system.

  • Full access to device functionality: This type of development allows full access to the device's functionality, enabling maximum use of the specific features of the chosen operating system, whether iOS or Android.

  • Seamless integration: Native apps integrate seamlessly with the OS ecosystem and other native apps, ensuring a uniform and consistent user experience.

  • Full support for system updates: These apps can be easily updated to support new features of the operating system on which they operate, adapting quickly and easily.


  • Higher development cost and time: By requiring specific development for each platform on which you want to operate, you will also have higher costs and timelines for maintaining the application itself on multiple platforms.

  • Dual code: This type of development forces you to have to write and maintain two separate code bases for iOS and Android, going to increase the risk of error.

  • Cross-platform limitations: Since they cannot be easily moved between platforms, they require writing a new code base each time they are moved, limiting the portability of the app.

  • Learning curve: By requiring specific skills for each platform, if the programmer does not know that type of language, he or she will need more time to complete the project, and this can slow down the work.

Case study.

Logo Neewa

Introducing Neewa, a brand designed for outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers. Owned by Agripool Srl, a renowned company in lawnmower bags and gardening tools since 1975, Neewa delivers functional products for our four-legged friends.

Agripool Srl ensures quality through vertical integration, overseeing production phases. Neewa focuses on improving dog performance in sports activities without complex IoT solutions.

Partnering with Agripool Srl, Neewa integrated sensors into harnesses, creating an efficient IoT solution accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly app helps owners manage pets, track vaccinations, and report lost pets easily.

NFC tags on collars provide instant pet information to smartphone users, aiding in quick reunions. Neewa aims for simplicity and functionality, enhancing outdoor experiences for pets and owners without unnecessary complexity. Join us in creating lasting memories with Neewa.

Mockup App NeewApp
Mockup App NeewApp