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  • Cross-platform: Flutter allows you to write a single code base that can run on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, web, and desktop, reducing the time and effort required to develop and maintain an application on different platforms.

  • Performance: With its custom rendering engine and early compilation, Flutter can offer high performance in both speed and smoothness of the user interface.

  • Hot Reload: Flutter's Hot Reload mechanism allows developers to make changes by immediately seeing the results without working on the entire app again. This improves the entire work process, increasing productivity during development.

  • Customizable Widgets: Flutter offers a wide range of customizable and flexible widgets that enable developers to create highly engaging user interfaces.

  • Active community: Flutter enjoys a large and active community of developers who provide support, resources and additional plugins to extend the full functionality of the framework.


  • App size: Flutter apps tend to be larger than native apps due to the inclusion of the rendering engine within them; this could negatively affect download times and space taken up on the device.

  • Integration with native features: Although flutter provides several plugins to integrate with many native features, there may be several cases where integration is more difficult than in normal native development.

  • Maturity of the technology: Despite rapid growth in recent years, there are other far more established systems that may still be better. In several cases the native choice might be preferred over the flutter choice.

  • Learning curve: Although development in flutter appears quite intuitive for programmers who can master other languages, it may still take some time to fully learn it.In addition to having to learn what are the best practices to adopt while using it.

Case study.

Logo Univet

EOS-Next devices, small lamps with variable brightness, are commonly used by dentists and surgeons worldwide and are supported by work glasses.

With Univet Connect, an app designed to meet doctors' needs, users can easily control the brightness levels of the EOS-Next illuminator via smartphone. This intuitive app provides a simple graphic interface, allowing users to select from 5 different brightness levels directly from their smartphone.

EOS-Next, a product of UNIVET made in Italy, features a Bluetooth module. It serves as an extension of magnifying systems for the dental industry, ensuring optimal illumination of the visual field. This improves clinical performance and enhances the final result.

Univet Mockup
Mockup App Univet Connect